Android App Development using Kotlin

This course for anyone  who want to be Kotlin programmer from scratch, We will  start by discus all programming fundamentals that you need to start programming Kotlin.

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This course for anyone  who want to be Kotlin programmer from scratch, We will  start by discus all programming fundamentals that you need to start programming Kotlin. The course gives you hands on experience as you build real Android apps using industry best practices, with modern app architecture.

Course Curriculum

Total learning: 29 lessons / 1 quiz Time: 12 weeks

    Kotlin Introduction 3

    Kotlin is a statically-typed, general-purpose programming language. It is widely used to develop android applications.

    Kotlin variable 1

    Variable refers to a memory location. It is used to store data. The data of variable can be changed and reused depending on condition or on information passed to the program.

    Kotlin Datatype 5

    Data type (basic type) refers to type and size of data associated with variables and functions. Data type is used for declaration of memory location of variable which determines the features of data.

    Kotlin Operator 6

    Operators are special characters which perform operation on operands (values or variable).There are various kind of operators available in Kotlin.

    Kotlin Input/Output 2

    Kotlin Standard Input/Output Kotlin standard input output operations are performed to flow byte stream from input device (keyboard) to main memory and from main memory to output device (screen).

    Control flow 5

    In Kotlin, if is an expression is which returns a value. It is used for control the flow of program structure.

    Kotlin Function 1

    Function is a group of inter related block of code which performs a specific task. Function is used to break a program into different sub module. It makes reusability of code and makes program more manageable.

    Kotlin Array 1

    Array is collection of similar data types either of Int, String etc. Array in Kotlinis mutable in nature with fixed size which means we can perform both read and write operations on elements of array.

    Kotlin String 1

    The String class represents an array of char types. Strings are immutable which means the length and elements cannot be changed after their creation.

    Kotlin Exception Handling 1

    Exception is a runtime problem which occurs in the program and leads to program termination. This may be occure due to running out of memory space, array out of bond, condition like divided by zero. To handle this type of problem during program execution the technique of exception handling is used. Exception handling is a technique which handles the runtime problems and maintains the flow of program execution.

    Kotlin Null Safety 2

    Kotlin null safety is a procedure to eliminate the risk of null reference from the code. Kotlin compiler throws NullPointerException immediately if it found any null argument is passed without executing any other statements.

    Kotlin Collection 2

    Collections in Kotlin are used to store group of related objects in a single unit. By using collection, we can store, retrieve manipulate and aggregate data.



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